November 2019 MCS Pre-seen is Out!

CIMA has released the MCS pre-seen material for the November 2019 exam sitting. To get your copy of the pre-seen, check out my Home page. The preseen company is GSC, a global company that designs, markets and sells high-performance branded sportswear and is based in Geoland, a North American country. NOW is an excellent time to kickstart … Continue reading November 2019 MCS Pre-seen is Out!

Code Word: Strategy…Part One

Strategy is the plan of action, the grand design, the scheme...the blueprint. Called by many names, but in the world of management accounting, strategy is no different. It is the very definition of a company and the backbone it needs to stand up straight and say to the world, "Lookout, here I come!" And while … Continue reading Code Word: Strategy…Part One