Is it Wise to Switch Subjects after Failing?

Hi Tutor MJ I failed P1 twice now. The last time was back in April with a score of 95. It was extremely frustrating to know that I got far but just not far enough. I self-studied with **bleep bleep** (another tuition provider), whose material was too detailed, it added to much confusion on my part. … Continue reading Is it Wise to Switch Subjects after Failing?

Relevant Costs

My printer at home conked out on me the other day. Working at home has its perk but this...was definitely not one of them. So while I dragged my feet about deciding whether it is worthwhile to go out and buy a new printer, a light bulb lit up and my accountant head was suddenly … Continue reading Relevant Costs

TARA with a Chance of Rain

This should come as no surprise. All companies face risks. I think we'd be hard-pressed to find a business operation that has not encountered uncertainty in any of its activities. I think it's very natural to associate uncertainty as a bad thing. But the truth of the matter is, not all risks are bad. There are … Continue reading TARA with a Chance of Rain