Tuition vs Self Study?

Hi Tutor MJ I really enjoy your posts and all the student questions you answer. But I have a big one to make and I want you to be real honest about it. I am planning to take the OCS in the next sitting. And from what I've read in your posts, the sooner I start, the more time I have to get ready. Can I do this on my own (self-study)? Or do I really need to sign up with a tuition provider? … Continue reading Tuition vs Self Study?

I Failed…Now What?

Tutor MJ I am so despondent right now. I just got my results and I failed the case study. I am so annoyed right now as my overall mark was not far off the pass mark. I got 78. Skill-wise, I am told that I was strong on leadership and business but moderate on technical and … Continue reading I Failed…Now What?