Tuition vs Self Study?

Hi Tutor MJ I really enjoy your posts and all the student questions you answer. But I have a big one to make and I want you to be real honest about it. I am planning to take the OCS in the next sitting. And from what I've read in your posts, the sooner I start, the more time I have to get ready. Can I do this on my own (self-study)? Or do I really need to sign up with a tuition provider? … Continue reading Tuition vs Self Study?

CIMA Exam Pass Rates – September 2018

CIMA has once again released its latest pass rates covering the period leading up to the end of September 2018. Gateway level pass rates continue to be below 50% which probably highlights that Gateway students may be finding it hard to transition into case study preparation. The rate has remained the same for the last … Continue reading CIMA Exam Pass Rates – September 2018

CIMA Examinable IFRS/IAS Standards

This post is just a reminder for students who are planning to undertake CIMA in the near future, especially those who have yet to take any of the F pillar courses and/or BA3. The CIMA syllabus includes the study of different Accounting Standards regulating various topics on financial statements reporting. While students do not have … Continue reading CIMA Examinable IFRS/IAS Standards

Relevant Costs

My printer at home conked out on me the other day. Working at home has its perk but this...was definitely not one of them. So while I dragged my feet about deciding whether it is worthwhile to go out and buy a new printer, a light bulb lit up and my accountant head was suddenly … Continue reading Relevant Costs