Tuition vs Self Study?

Hi Tutor MJ I really enjoy your posts and all the student questions you answer. But I have a big one to make and I want you to be real honest about it. I am planning to take the OCS in the next sitting. And from what I've read in your posts, the sooner I start, the more time I have to get ready. Can I do this on my own (self-study)? Or do I really need to sign up with a tuition provider? … Continue reading Tuition vs Self Study?

SWOT Me an Analysis

Dear Tutor MJI'm new to the whole business case scenario and case study exams.What's the best way to start digesting a business case study?Yours,Ryan Good day RyanI always advise students that the first step to any case study analysis is to SWOT it up. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A SWOT analysis … Continue reading SWOT Me an Analysis

Answer Structure – Do I Really Need to Get It?

Hi Tutor MJ What does it mean when I get a feedback on my mock script that I need an answer structure in place? I think I answer the questions okay, but this structure thing is really getting to me. I didn't know I had to have one. I thought CIMA studies were about Accounting, … Continue reading Answer Structure – Do I Really Need to Get It?

Last 3 Tips on the Night Before the Exams

Dear Tutor MJ So tomorrow's the big day I'm taking my MCS exam. I've been at this for the last 6 weeks. I feel so unprepared that I can't sleep. I am thinking of cramming all through the night. What do you think? Will an all-nighter help? Your student, Judy Good day Judy With just … Continue reading Last 3 Tips on the Night Before the Exams

Set Behaviour Goals

For people in strength training, this is not a new concept. For some time now, this concept has been going around the cardio circuit to help trainers (and trainees!) appreciate getting into an exercise regime. "Outcome versus behaviour goals." Outcome goals are goals built around certain results or desired outcome. Traditionally, outcome goals were used to achieve … Continue reading Set Behaviour Goals