Double-digit Millions is Too Little Cash?

Hi MJ, I am currently studying MCS with Astranti and although I was unable to attend your live masterclass a few weeks ago, I have since watched the recording. Thanks for this. It has been very useful. I do have a question about the cash availability for the pre-seen company. The cash available on the … Continue reading Double-digit Millions is Too Little Cash?

Is it Worthwhile to Revise CIMA’s Past Exam Papers?

Good morning MJ   For theory, I have been using Astranti's study materials. I have both the MCS study text as well as the detailed one. I do agree with you that it's not just about knowing the theories, but more about being able to apply the theories to the given scenario.   I've gone … Continue reading Is it Worthwhile to Revise CIMA’s Past Exam Papers?

Thank You Note – Marc

Christmas weekend is around the corner. And since it's the time of giving and sharing, I'd like to share an email I received this past year from a student, Marc Conti*. Marc was a course student with Astranti and I had been his designated mock exam marker at the August 2016 sitting. Here's his note of gratitude as he talked … Continue reading Thank You Note – Marc

To Be or Not to Be a Fast Typist?

Typing skill level required for the CIMA case study exam.

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Case Study Preparation

How to start with your CIMA case study preparation