4 Weeks to Go…Will I Make It?

Dear MJ,

I need some advice regarding my forthcoming MCS exam. I only have 4 weeks to cram and I fear I’m not prepared enough to sit for the exam. I assume I haven’t got enough time for revisions either. Could it be possible to obtain some guidance or is it  possible for you to point me to the right contact?

Kind regards

Good day Mahmood

4-6 weeks of studies is doable although a lot of commitment and hard work would be needed. If you had just recently finished your objective tests on the Performance, Management, Financial pillars, then the theories should still be fresh in your mind. And you would only spend little time in revising these. Technically, you have already laid the groundwork on the first leg of your preparation by doing this.

You would also need to put in a lot of time practising with mock exams. The more you practise, the better you get at answering them. You must do self-reviews and compare your answers to the suggested solutions. The suggested solutions will give you a good idea on how to approach and answer questions in a structured way that will be helpful to gain marks.

If you are looking for more study materials and resources, aside from CIMA Connect, you probably could try reaching out to Astranti and see what else is on offer. I know for a fact that they have a full course on offer (study texts, practice mocks, pre-seen materials, masterclasses, feedbacks and markings, etc.) Here’s a link to their MCS Complete Course.

Good luck with your preparations!

Your tutor

P.S. If you are a student other than MCS, here’s a link to Astranti’s SCS Complete Course and OCS Complete Course as well.

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