How Do I Start and Finish off a Case Study Exam Answer?

Hi Tutor MJ,

During the masterclass, you told us that we have to complete the script.

I struggle with time management. I do not have any spare time left. Every time I take the mock, I get kicked off to the next section before I finish my script.

To save time, I wondered if I could just totally skip the start and the end of the report / email? I would normally say, “This is in response to your request…” and “I hope this answers your questions, if you need any additional information please let me know. Kind regards, FM”

Surely these paragraphs don’t really matter?

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 1.53.54 AM

Good day Irina

I would advise that the bulk of the answer in the middle is more important than the start or the ending.

You could probably just end it off and say “Hope this helps, FM.” You’re not going to get a mark for the ending, unless it’s some kind of conclusion or a recommendation about the scenario. But if you’re just finishing off the email, it’s not a mark.

Similarly, for starters, if you are just restating the requirements as they are laid out on the unseen, then that is also not enough for a full mark. You are adding nothing new to your script.

If you are introducing the issue at hand and putting together an action plan (basically telling us what you plan to do and how you’re going to deal with it), then yes, that would be worth more in terms of marks.

I hope this helps.

See, I just used my own example there. Hope you get it right. Good luck with the preparations!

Your tutor

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