CIMA Examinable IFRS/IAS Standards

This post is just a reminder for students who are planning to undertake CIMA in the near future, especially those who have yet to take any of the F pillar courses and/or BA3. The CIMA syllabus includes the study of different Accounting Standards regulating various topics on financial statements reporting. While students do not have … Continue reading CIMA Examinable IFRS/IAS Standards

How Do I Calculate Thee, Gearing?

Hi MJ, I am currently reviewing some mock answers but am having trouble with the calculation of gearing levels on one of the mocks. The mock question gives me $3,088m as debt and $1,411m as equity. The mock answer calculates gearing ratio as $3,088m / ($3,088m + $1,411m) = 69%. However, in the preseen analysis and also on your masterclass, … Continue reading How Do I Calculate Thee, Gearing?

What About the Theories?!

Good morning MJ Thank you for the mock assessment and review. I am practising questions currently as I feel a knowledge gap, hence the lack of depth in my answers. But it is too difficult to remember the theories. Can you suggest a way for me to approach this obstacle? Kind regards Zoe Dear Zoe … Continue reading What About the Theories?!