CIMA Examinable IFRS/IAS Standards

This post is just a reminder for students who are planning to undertake CIMA in the near future, especially those who have yet to take any of the F pillar courses and/or BA3.

The CIMA syllabus includes the study of different Accounting Standards regulating various topics on financial statements reporting. While students do not have to learn the rules verbatim, they need to grasp the content to be able to apply said Standards at the exams.

Some of these Accounting Standards have recently undergone changes. Although the application of the old Standards on current CIMA exams are still acceptable, students would do well to familiarise themselves about the changes because as of January 2019, some of the new Standards will start becoming examinable.

The Standards affected and will become examinable from January 2019 onwards are:

IFRS 9 (which replaced IAS 39) – Financial Instruments
IFRS 15 (which replaced IAS 18 and IAS 11) – Revenue from Contracts with Customers
IFRS 16 (which replaced IAS 17) – Leases

For a summary of the examinable Accounting Standards and at which exam paper they will appear, see the Examinable Standards page under Resources.

CIMA Examinable IFRS_IAS Standards

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