What About the Theories?!

Good morning MJ

Thank you for the mock assessment and review. I am practising questions currently as I feel a knowledge gap, hence the lack of depth in my answers. But it is too difficult to remember the theories. Can you suggest a way for me to approach this obstacle?

Kind regards


Dear Zoe

So far, what have you been using to learn theories? There’s really no easy way to learn except to go through the theories one by one. I’m not sure if you have had a look at Astranti as I know they have theory revisions on each case study level (OCS, MCS, SCS). I’d suggest tackling a pillar (F, P, or E) that is easier for you, then start hammering at the hard ones.

The important thing to remember about theories is, even though knowing them is a part of the process, applying the theory to the scenario is the bigger key to passing the exam. One of the main issues that students face at case study exams is failing to comprehend the theory to apply it properly. Most students would start off describing the theory, even memorizing the CIMA term definition, and then they’re done. But that is not application. That is simply telling the examiners something that they can get from a textbook.

What the examiners want to see is how you use the theory to fit into a business situation. If you want to use PESTEL as an example, what are practical examples of aspects of PESTEL that you can see affecting your preseen company. Be realistic. Be relevant. Be rational. The theory needs to be learnt and understood, yes. But this is so that it helps as an analysis tool to drive your point across and support your arguments. This is what will give you the marks.

All the best with tackling the theories. It never is easy, but it is doable.

Your tutor

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