5 Wells of a Good Answer – Well Planned

Well, well, well, well, well. I must admit that whilst watching a rerun of The Finale episode of "The Office (U.S.)", I was inspired to write this series of posts. The first five words above were uttered by Kevin Malone when he meets his old manager, Dwight Schrute, for the first time after being fired … Continue reading 5 Wells of a Good Answer – Well Planned

Ethics Everywhere – Is It Possible?

Hi Tutor MJ Thank you for giving me feedback so promptly. I note your comments around adding more details to my answers, but my problem seems to be time constraints.  I was a bit shocked at how much "unethical issues" were involved in each question. Everything and everyone on the scenario seemed suspiciously wrong! Or … Continue reading Ethics Everywhere – Is It Possible?

Variance Analysis – Part 4

If you've been following the "variance analysis" series, then you've already learnt how to calculate the following: Sales variances and direct material variances Labour variances Overheads variances So far, all the calculations we've been doing show us variances between actual and budget. These are known as operational variances. For today, we shall try our hand … Continue reading Variance Analysis – Part 4

How to Develop Understanding the Q’s?

Dear MJ Thanks for the marking and advice. I see your advice on understanding the question - how do I develop this? Is there a technique which can help? Many thanks! Best regardsMimi Good day Mimi CIMA does not set out questions to be ambiguous. Most case study requirements are quite clear and to the point. … Continue reading How to Develop Understanding the Q’s?