Ethics Everywhere – Is It Possible?

Hi Tutor MJ

Thank you for giving me feedback so promptly.

I note your comments around adding more details to my answers, but my problem seems to be time constraints. 

I was a bit shocked at how much “unethical issues” were involved in each question. Everything and everyone on the scenario seemed suspiciously wrong! Or am I imagining things?

I’d appreciate if you could shed some guidance.

Kind regards,


ethics everywhere...

Good day Patti

The good thing is that you are taking the initiative in identifying your problem areas. The sooner you realise and understand the problem, the sooner you can work on it and find a solution.

One area that probably took a lot of your time was evaluating ethics on every question. I’ve spoken about the process and approach one should take when tackling an ethics question.

Although I encourage the consideration of ethics in every scenario, unless you are gravely mistreating/misleading/defrauding/posing a serious risk to the community, employees, stakeholders, etc., it might not warrant to use the complete “ethics process” on every single question.

Take the question in your mock where one director suggested that it might be a good idea for the company perform a complete supplier analysis before choosing an appropriate supplier. I had doubts about your usage of the “ethics process” in this question as there really was nothing sinister about the director’s intention that we make the supplier selection process more robust.

Now if the director had suggested that the company perform a complete supplier analysis but pressurised the company to skew the process so that we take on a supplier of his choosing, then this is definitely an ethical food for thought. Use the approach to your heart’s content in this case.

Not everyone is a bad guy in the scenario. And not every step is a wrongdoing. It’s the difference between being slightly suspicious versus going way overboard. You have to find the balance. Else, you will never have enough time to find focus and write a lot more on answering the real requirements.

I hope this helps you with your preparation.

Your tutor,


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