Thank You Tutor – Imma

Last week Thursday was an exciting day for most MCS students. The results of the February 2017 MCS session came out.

As an inspiration to current and future CIMA students, I would like to share the following email of appreciation from one of my students.

Hi Tutor MJ,

I made it yay!!!

Recalling the results of my mock exams, I think the MCS had gone extremely well. Thank you for being a good tutor.

Frankly the Astranti MCS package helped me pass this case study big time and first time around. I passed my F2 during the old syllabus and my P2 in August 2015 and my E2 in 2016. Meaning that in 6 weeks before the case study exam, I had E2 as the only fresh subject in mind and having to relearn the other two. Thanks to the top 10 likely issues they were spot on.

Looking forward to working with you in the strategic level.


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