Can I Use My Old CIMA Textbooks?

*Updated 28 August 2020 to account for the 2019 CIMA syllabus and exam changes.

Hey Tutor MJ

How drastic are the changes on the previous syllabus to the new one? I’ve got a couple of old textbooks. Do you think I’ll still be able to use them with the new syllabus?

And if I need to buy new, would it be better to get hard or soft copies?

Your suggestion is highly appreciated.

Best regards


Dear Tommy

Although some topics contained on the old textbooks are still applicable, some topics have moved up/down a level.

Ultimately, it will be your decision to buy new or stick with the old. You risk not being able to study new topics that were never covered in the old books.

Personally, I feel you should take as much uncertainties out of the equation (spoken like a true accountant). Ensuring your study materials are up to date and relevant should not be a worry that you undertake when your main focus should be to pass. The exams under the new syllabus are structured differently and so this will add stress to the situation.

With regards buying hard or soft copies, it all depends how well you study in each format. Some students work better with something physical and tangible, so hard copy it is. Some work best with digital, so soft copy for them. Most study resources are definitely offered, delivered and available as digital now and there is no shortage of suppliers.

By the way, Astranti offers free online study texts and some resources for each level. You could perhaps sign up and see how they are and take it from there?

All the best with your preparation.

Your tutor

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