How Likely are the Likely Issues?

Dear MJ,

I am on the MBA Gateway Route and taking my first CIMA Case Study Exam in May. I am taking the MCS.

I feel although I know most of the theories, I still need more practice in terms of writing within the allocated time.

I recently watched Astranti’s Top 10 Issues for the upcoming exam and thought I can save some study time if I were to prepare my revision solely based on these issues. Do you think studying these will be enough for the actual exam in terms of likely questions?

Many thanks

Good day Prakash,

This question gets asked a lot and my answer is always no.

The reason is that I would not truly, correctly reflect the preparation required if I told students to just study the Top 10 and leave the rest of the theories behind. The Top 10 is just a very good guideline of what may come out at the exams but there are no guarantee that these are the only ones that will show up at the exams.

I truly feel that it is a big gamble. You may get lucky and pass. But on the other hand, you may not. I don’t think you’d want to leave passing the exam on a chance when you could’ve dedicated just a little bit more time to ensure your pass.

Your tutor,

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