CIMA in the Great White North

Dear MJ

I am a CIMA student at the strategic stages and intend to immigrate to Canada. How useful is the ACMA CGMA qualification in Canada?



Dear Ben

I actually get asked this question a lot. I suppose it will be quite different for each person. What is useful to one professional might not be for another, depending on the situation, circumstance and the reasons you started CIMA in the first place.

I am sure that since you intend to immigrate that you have researched the accounting job market and framework here in Canada.

Work-wise, the most dominant accounting designation in Canada is the CPA. Most high profile accounting jobs will likely require that you are a Canadian CPA. There is CIMA presence and support in Canada but the ACMAs and CGMAs are not quite at par with the CPAs, popularity speaking.

I assume most CIMA members here in Canada are also CPAs or became one after arriving in Canada, myself included.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not downplaying CIMA in Canada. The team here in Canada works hard at getting the brand recognised. We have regular networking events and seminars locally. We are also associated with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), which raises the CGMA profile in North America. And don’t forget, CIMA is a leading global accounting body with 200,000+ strong professionals and counting so that’s a massive pool of accountants.

Personally, I made the decision to study CIMA prior to coming to Canada. I owe a lot to CIMA for opening many doors to opportunities and learning. It even helped when I decided to pursue my Canadian CPA as I was able to utilise the knowledge and skill I had learnt during my studies. It continues to be useful to me as it fuels my passion whilst I provide CIMA exam support to future CGMAs these days.

I hope that attaining CIMA will prove to be as fruitful to you as it did me. All the best with the strategic level! And all the best with your immigration journey!

Yours faithfully
Tutor MJ

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