Week-by-Week Rundown on Case Study Exam Preparation

Hi Tutor MJ

I was really glad to attend the masterclass last Saturday. I just received the feedback on the last mock and I must admit, I am quite shocked at my efforts on the 3 mocks.

Frankly it seems that the depth I am able to go to is just not enough to gain the marks needed for a pass. As such, I have started looking back at the main F2, E2, P2 tests but of course, there simply is not enough time prior to the exam to get through all of this material.

Do you have any advice or recommendation on what I should focus on one week prior to the exam in order to put myself in the best position to pass, given the circumstances? As a reminder, I am a Masters Gateway student so I have not been through the “system”.

Yours sincerely


Good day Alice

I think you are as prepared as you are going to be.

I don’t know how you feel about your theory knowledge, but as far as I can tell from the mocks you’ve submitted, it didn’t seem like you lacked knowledge. Your issue on the first mock was not knowing what to expect. But once you knew, you proceeded to make good stride. Your second mock failed because it was just under. You did not write enough. Your third mock certainly showed that there was nothing wrong with your technique, you just need to hone it in some more.

I have no doubt you’ll be on the strategic level soon and if you need this, here’s a weekly rundown of how to prepare for a case study exam:

7 weeks away (week/s before the pre-seen material comes out) – Revisit your theory knowledge. Take those books out. Look at topic areas that you may not be so confident with and review the subject matter.

6 weeks away (the week the pre-seen comes out) – Read the pre-seen. And read it again. Make your initial notes. SWOT the pre-seen company.

5 weeks away (a week after the pre-seen) – Now it’s time to broaden your horizon. Learn about the industry that your pre-seen is in. Strategise and learn about risks and issues that might affect your pre-seen. Read the examiner’s report on the last sitting as this will give you some insights into what the examiners are looking for and what areas students have been struggling with.

4 weeks away – Read the pre-seen. Try your first mock. Do it under exam condition. Once done, evaluate your work. What slowed you down? What held you back? Which topic areas did you fumble with?

3 weeks away – You’ve identified your initial problems; Learn from them. Read the pre-seen. Try your second mock, using what you’ve learnt from the first mock. Once done, evaluate your work. What have you done correctly this time? What is still an issue?

2 weeks away – Continue to work on your issues. Improve upon them. Read the pre-seen. Try your third mock. Once done, evaluate your work. Be critical and really examine your answers. If you are weak in certain areas, now is the time to refresh your knowledge.

1 week away – Read the pre-seen. Read your notes on the pre-seen. Remember key issues and risks. Remember important key points about the pre-seen company. If you have time, re-do the mocks. Relax.

Exam day – You may be nervous and excited, but don’t lose your confidence now.

And that’s my suggestion for your weekly preparation for a case study exam.

All the best for your upcoming exam! I hope to hear that you’ve passed.

Your tutor

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