Last 3 Tips on the Night Before the Exams

Dear Tutor MJ

So tomorrow’s the big day I’m taking my MCS exam.

I’ve been at this for the last 6 weeks. I feel so unprepared that I can’t sleep. I am thinking of cramming all through the night.

What do you think? Will an all-nighter help?

Your student,

Last 3 Tips on the Night Before the Exams.png

Good day Judy

With just hours away from your exam, there will literally be little time to learn everything you need to if you have not been preparing all through the session.

The good thing is that you seem to have started your preparations way before tonight. 6 weeks, you say? If you’ve been working hard and practicing mock scenarios earnestly, then this is it. You are as good to go as the next student.

You must understand that all students go into the exams feeling unprepared and apprehensive of the unknown. This is natural. Here are 3 last minute tips to help you get through the night before you get to the exam room tomorrow:

    1. Don’t stress – All I can say is that you are as prepared as you are ever going to be. Again, like I said previously, if you haven’t been hitting the books these past couple of weeks then it is too late to do anything tonight. This is not a “wing it and pass” kind of exam. It seriously needs attention and dedication. If you haven’t done it this session, be it an expensive lesson that you do better at the next.
    2. Read the pre-seen material one last time – Okay, this is just precautionary. You most likely have read this document at least a dozen of times. But one last look won’t hurt. And while you’re reading through this document, consult your 1- or 2-page summary on the subject. This will help you remember some facts. Don’t overdo it and memorise the whole thing though. That is not the point of this exercise.
    3. Rest – Yep. You read it right. Take that much needed sleep. This is no time to pull an all-nighter. Study hard but know when to stop and relax. Make sure you’ve clocked in enough hours for a good night’s sleep. Be so well-rested that you are at your best when you tackle that all important exam in the morning. This helps keep your mind clear and focus. Don’t discount this. You will need it on the day.

Well, I shan’t keep you any longer tonight. These are just some quick and easy pointers for the night. Good luck for tomorrow!

Your tutor

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