5 Wells of a Good Answer – Well Supported

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This is it! Our penultimate post in the series!

Probably something of a surprise today is that it’s not going to be a very long commentary like the others. You are probably wondering why on Earth would a topic like being well supported be such a short post.

The simple reason is that we have already supported our stance on the matter. If we look at our planned, constructed, applied answer, you will note that we have already justified our recommendations. While it’s really not necessary, I’ll spruce my justification up so that it reiterates them more (see in blue). Let’s look at our recommendation section:


  • Perform due diligence on proposal
    • Finances are declining, can we afford this?
  • Comment that it’s a good idea – tapping a potentially bigger market
    • Market is already tough, we need to tap new market to survive
  • Be careful about closing shops before making sure that online selling is viable
    • Possible employee unrest if they find out we are closing, we should be more conscientious, we cannot just terminate the employees
    • Run numbers on online selling, do research
  • I think I’m all for it for now (you might not, have you noted down why?)

So there you have it. Planned, constructed, applied, supported. I’m excited to see the last Well in our series.

Four down, and the last one to go.

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