The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Case Study Preparation

So you’ve made it. Well done, student!

You’ve just passed all three objective tests for this level (or have gotten exemptions for them) and are now ready for the case study exam. You are elated and nervous at the same time. And I am here to tell you that what you feel is totally natural.

So WHEN do I start? You ask.

Remember those syllabus topics that you just learnt for your Financial, Performance and Enterprise objective tests? Yep, those same ones are the ones you’ll need for the case study. There is no new topic to be learnt.

So in fact, before you have even taken a peep at the pre-seen material for your case study, you’ll be glad to know that your preparation is already well on its way.

WHY the case study then if we’re covering the same topics?

The objective tests drill your mind with theories and technical models. The case study examines how you use these technical knowledge in application, evaluation and assessment of a business environment.

So HOW do I study application, evaluation and assessment?

Much like your elated/nervous feeling, the technique in studying for a case study is somewhat similar and different to studying for the objective tests. The normal factors, such as hard work, dedication and having a comfortable level of syllabus knowledge, should be present. With objective tests, memorisation is normally the way to go. With case studies, it is practice, practice and more practice.

WHAT do I use to practise?

There are many resources available to practise with.

CIMA links some practice exams via Pearson VUE. It also has a great number of variants of past exam papers that you could go through via CIMAConnect. However, these exams are all based on various pre-seen materials, which could be vastly different from the current one (in terms of company structure, industry, risk issues, focus, etc.).

What I have found to help students the most are practice mock exams that are based on the current pre-seen material. These mock exams present unseen business issues that are relevant and appropriate for your current fictional company. It ensures you stay focused on the current pre-seen material. It will also give you insights into certain risks that are specific to the industry that your fictional company is in.

WHO has these practice mock exams?

Most CIMA tuition providers have their own practice mocks available. Many students swear by these mocks as the most important tool in their case study preparation. I have no doubt whichever ones you choose to practise with will help you tremendously.

Being a tutor and marker, I personally recommend Astranti’s practice mocks. These mocks mirror the real CIMA exam and come with suggested solutions that guide students to what a well-crafted answer should look like.

If possible, you might even want to go for personalised marking and feedback. A marker’s advice can be perceptive and invaluable. It can also be useful when you break down your answers for improvements.

Okay, I’m sold. WHERE do I get these practice mocks?

To gain a taste of what you’re getting yourself into, Astranti offers a free mini-mock exam if you sign up with them. A mini-mock is a shorter version of a full one but you are still getting the same benefit.

->>> Sign up to get Astranti’s free mini-mocks

Try the mini-mock. After which, you can decide to buy the full mock, or marking and feedback, or the full course.

Disclaimer: I wanted to be transparent as I value your trust and privacy. I don’t get paid if you click on the sign-up link above. But I will get paid if you click said links and purchase materials. See here for disclosure policy.


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