To Be or Not to Be a Fast Typist?

Dear MJ,

I am an MCS student taking my first CIMA case study exam in August.

I am currently considering the word count and time division for the 3-hour exam. For a 45-minute question with a word count of 1,200 words, and taking into account some planning time, I would require a typing speed of about 40 wpm (words per minute).

I think 40 wpm is too high. I am using my thought process to recall theory, pre-seen and unseen simultaneously to produce a balanced answer. I thought an average of 20 wpm was the requirement?

I appreciate your thoughts and suggestion on the above,

Thanks in advance and warm regards

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Dear Andrea

The “20 wpm” is what CIMA suggests as a minimum typing skill. I would rather not put a “word-per-minute” skill on any student as each person will be different. But I do advise that if your typing skill is less than 20 wpm, that you should rethink taking the exam until your skills have improved.

The thought process to recall theory, pre-seen and unseen information normally happens at planning stage. If you are still trying to recall most during the answering stage, then planning might possibly be more of an issue here.

1,200 words per question is a little high. I’d say anything over 600 to 700 is what you’d get at 20 wpm. More words would be ideal, if possible. The truth of the matter is, the more answers, the more chance for marks.

Do not take it as a guarantee for a pass since number of words are just gauges. The most important part is that your paragraphs are written logically, sensibly and relevant to addressing the requirements asked.

Good luck with your preparation!

Your tutor

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